The GestAqua.AdaPT study area is bounded by the river basins of the Monte Novo and Vigia reservoirs, both located in the Degebe river basin, one of the main tributaries of the Alqueva reservoir and where is located the main water intake of the Alqueva system. These two reservoirs are part of the supply system for human consumption in the municipalities of Évora, Redondo and Reguengos, representing also an important source of water for irrigation in the region.
Given the multi-purpose character, as well as physiographic and climatic characteristics of the river basin, this water system can be considered representative of the Mediterranean region, where the problems of scarcity and water quality have been the focus of increased attention particularly given the effects of potential climate change.

What determined the choice of case studies?

These factors are actual risks to water availability and are clearly influenced by climate change impacts. These are risks present and represent a major concern in the region’s water resources management.

Monte Novo Reservoir

This reservoir is the main water supply for human consumption in the municipalities of Évora, Redondo and Reguengos, which is managed by the company ALVT, also being relevant the use of water for irrigation of agricultural areas in the basin. In 2012 a water transport infrastructure from the Alqueva reservoir was installed to meet water needs.

Characteristics of the Monte Novo reservoir

Flooded area - 277 ha Storage total volume - 15,28 hm3
Storage net volume - 14,78 hm3 Normal pool level - 196 m
Maximum flood level - 196,8 m Minimum operation level - 183,5 m

Vigia Reservoir

The Vigia reservoir is also multi-purpose (irrigation and urban supply) but in this case irrigation is the main use. Irrigation withdrawal is managed by the Associação de Beneficiários da Obra da Vigia and urban supply withdrawal is operated by ALVT. Since the year 2015 a water transfer infrastructure from the Alqueva dam directly into de Vigia reservoir is operational.

Characteristics of the Vigia reservoir

Flooded area – 262 ha Storage total volume - 16,7 hm3
Storage net volume - 15,6 hm3 Normal pool level - 224 m
Maximum flood level - 224,75 m Minimum operation level - 210 m

Land Use

The main land use in the region is agriculture, with diverse cultural systems, being more relevant the olive tree and in recent years the area of vineyards has increased. There are also other crops such as maize, sunflower, tomato, fruit trees and cucurbits.


The climate of the study area is characterized by large annual temperature range and large differences in rainfall between the months of winter and summer. There are frequent periods of drought, also being characteristic the occurrence of very high rainfall periods.

Project coordinator

Paulo Alexandre Diogo (FCT-UNL, MARE)

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